Cyclops is a punk with a pink mohawk who guards the hallways. When encountered, he will shoot Pico, regardless of the dialogue option selected. Once Pico has the rifle, he is able to disarm Cyclops by shooting his gun out of his hands. This prompts Cyclops to beg for his life and the player is given the choice of killing him or letting him go.

If the player chooses to spare his life, Cyclops runs away and is not seen again. As the doors to the school were locked, it is unknown where he went and what happened to him.

If the player chooses to kill him, Cyclops pisses himself right before Pico guns him down. His corpse can be shot again, prompting a "BRUTAL!" message to appear on the screen.


Cyclops has a pink mohawk a pink eye on the left and on the right eye he has an eyepatch hence his name being Cyclops he has a leather jacket and a white shirt and shoes with swastikas.


  • The name cyclops is a name of an evil creature in Greek mythology who have one eye- hence the name.
  • The Swastikas could mean he's a neo-Nazi.
  • Cyclops used to be a big Pearl Jam fan, before switching to the G-Squad.
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