"Oh my God... I've accomplished nothing with my life."
―Darnell, Darnell Plays With Fire

Darnell is Pico's best friend and the star of Darnell Plays with Fire.


Darnell has tall black hair which swipes up in a sharp arc to the left and white sclera with no pupils as a stylistic choice. He wears a purple shirt with bright yellow sleeves and dark blue trousers. He also wears white shoes with with dark blue soles.


Darnell is a very trigger-happy pyromaniac, taking great interest in violence and destruction - until he is on the receiving end. He is often seen with some sort of weapon, such as a blade or gun.


  • Darnell first appeared in Pico's School pictured on a poster in the hallway for his presidential campaign.
    • He is also mentioned by Pico when attempting to exit the school.
  • Darnell processes a high level of intelligence, and is considered a "supergenius" with an IQ level of 241.
  • One of Darnell's characteristics are "migraines."
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