Nene is one of Pico's friends. first appearance was in Nene Interactive Suicide. In Pico's School, she is in the school hallway, where she begs for her life to be ended.


Nene has slanted white eyes, a pink dress, and lighter pink pants and shirt. Her hair is grey and includes a pink headband. In Nene Interactive Suicide and Pico's School, she has herpes all over her mouth. In Pico Roulette, she is shown with large buck teeth, much like a stereotypical description of an Asian.


  • If you chose to make Nene stab herself with a razorblade in Nene Interactive Suicide, you can listen to her short conversation with her mother, revealing that she spray painted her walls once.
  • In Pico's School, you can kill or spare her when approaching her in the school hallway.
  • Nene has an IQ of 133.
  • Her characteristics are:
    • A.D.D (has attention deficit disorder)
    • Herpes
    • Suicidal Sadomasochistist
    • Enjoys Necrophelia and Beastiality
    • Lactose Intolerant


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