Pico's School

Pico's School

The game where Pico kills goth and punk kids that shot his school

Cyclops Edit

After the game begins, Cassandra shoots the school.

Pico's School(shoot)

The Teacher LOL.

After this, Pico is forced to confront Cyclops with his new gun.

Alucard Edit

After killing or scaring Cyclops, Pico Meets Alucard, the goth kid with telenetic powers.

Pico Vs Alucard


After killing alucard, he comes face to face with Hanzou. Hanzou is a ninja dude in the chicks bathroom. pico must defeat him before moving on.


Near the end of the game, he meets cassandra. she is in monster form. he must defeat her. once he defeats her, the game is over.