The pooping student is an unnamed character from Pico's School. Their gender is unknown, but they are likely male as they are in the Men's Bathroom. If Pico opens their stall, they will ask Pico to shut the door. If Pico keeps it open (like the perv he is,) the Pooping Student will begin to through their own excrement at him, asking if it turns him on. Like many other characters, they can be killed.


Excuse me, will you please shut the door?!
Come 'on dick, shut the fucking door.
You like this? Watching me shit? Turns you on?
If you like it so much, why don't you have some!
God... You are one sick fuck.
I bet you liked that?
I bet you want more!


The achievement "Scat Man" was added in reference to the character.

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